Every line of code written comes at a price: maintenance. This guide explains how to approach writing code in a way which lowers the cost of maintainance.

Animate.css is a library of ready-to-use, cross-browser animations for use in your web projects. Great for emphasis, home pages, sliders, and attention-guiding hints.

Framing is the process of breaking down a problem into a set of choices, trade offs, and options that enable a team to make a call and move forward. This piece explains techniques and benefits for framing the problem.

Learn how attention impacts productivity of a developer. The author shares how he manages his day and environment which leads to improved productivity.

Article explains about founder market fit and what do investors look out for! Why you are the right founders to solve this problem? Go read this if you are a budding founder!

Chaskiq is an open source platform that connects and empowers the communication of support, sales & marketing teams with their customers.

Beautfiul inspiration handbook by marketing examples showcasing best brand tweets grouped into categories.

Shane discusses the Learning Loop, it's framework and how we can maximize what we learn from the information we consume online.

Full-Text Search (FTS) is a technique for searching text in a collection of documents. Learn how to build FTS in Golang using concepts like Inverted Index, Tokenization, Stemming and much more.

A whiteboard collaboration platform which redefines your work and helps you collaborate, express, convey, and influence better at work.

Book is especially written for JavaScript programmers who are new to React. Learn the basic concepts of components, props, state and lifecycle of React components.

In depth guide on why culture plays an important role and how to build the right culture. This is a brilliant resource from Hubspot and place to learn for startups.

Learn how memory allocation and garbage collection works and how you can avoid some common memory leaks in javascript.

Sample text attempts to visually demonstrate how readable this color combination is, for normal, italic, bold, or bold italic text of various sizes and font styles.

Guide to building and growing your podcast. He also shares details around production. FYI: David Perell runs the North Star podcast, check the amazing content there.

Justin shares how he built a substack like clone with features like authentication, subscription management, CMS and sending emails.