Why Learnshots?

Internet is huge and is full of knowledge. But, one of the major problem is finding the right resources to learn stuff. Most of the stuff is either outdated or irrelevant. This was a problem I personally faced. Yes, RSS feeds exist but they bring a lot of noise with them.

Learnshots to curate best resources across the web at one place.

Learnshots is inspired from other curation sites like Mailbrew , Sidebar , Random Internet and lot of awesome folks on Twitter. It is my attempt to create a knowledge base for people to learn efficiently.

Learnshots aims to grow your knowledge base to next level, provide you ample resources to learn about certain topics around tech, programming, startups and productivity.


How can I contribute?

Awesome! You can contribute by filling this google form. Please send relevant links, self promotion won't be accepted unless found relevant. Links you contribute if found relevant would be live in upcoming weeks depending upon queue.

How can I support?

Share learnshots in your community and company. You can also help us financially to keep this site up 🥰

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About me?

Hey 👋, I am Mohit. A developer soul from 🇮🇳 who loves building and breaking stuff with 🖥.
You can find more about me at mohitkhare.com