Oct, 2020

Microservices are used to architect large, complex and long-lived applications as a set of cohesive services that evolve over time. The article covers depths of microservice architechture pattern.

Consider developes as users - provide them with context and documentation. Keep it iterative and go minimal. The less the better! Play like a team and go for the path best for both.

Design beautiful patterns from endless variations. Useful for presentations, social media posts and customizing products.

Kafka as a store? Yes, kafka is much more than simple message queues. It's scalable, stores a persistent log that can be re-read and allows stream processing. Queries is where DB's do better, but kafka is well designed to be used as a store. The article covers this in ...

Find how you want to contribute to the world. Learning without doing is just a waste. Remember, if you can do something which is useful for people - then you should!