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Learn unique attributes that makes a good technical leader

Look at what an SRE does in their daily work, a little history on Site Reliability Engineering, and what the foundations are; and how you can become an SRE.

Often you do great work but it gets faded (people forget) , so it's important to maintain a list of awesome work you do. Julia calls this 'brag document'. Learn how to write one and succeed in your career.

The article lists some examples of how you can be a sponsor without any management responsibilities both inside of your organization and outside of it.

Most straight-forward way to find a mentor is to identify someone you: 1) Have been following (on Twitter or LinkedIn) and love their thoughts 2) Admire and respect for the work they’ve done. 3) Know has done some (if not all) of the things you want to be ...

Feedback is providing people with positive reinforcement along the way for what they are doing well, as well as providing clarity around opportunities for development.It is the crucial ingredient for accelerating growth.

What a read! See how Bill Gates answers common job interview questions. So concise and to the point!

Lessons from working at a tech giant like Shopify - Building connections | Understanding business | Compressed learnings

Learn why Negotiation matters! Practical advice from patio11 on how to act when discussing salary. How to dodge questions and use right tricks to grab that extra $5000. Few steps - Keep negotiation in mind before you apply for the job and never give a ...