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Understand the signalling behaviour in adoption and monetization of software products. Signal disrtribution is increased when selling to the internet compared to physical product. Author explains this via multiple examples like Tinder and Fortnite.

Entrepreneurship is challenging and is definitely not for everyone. Karthik shares his learnings from being an entrepreneur.

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Fundraising is an exercise in building trust. This guide explains how to approach fundraising by breaking it into 4 steps - Preparation,Outreach Navigating the process and Partner meetings + closing

Erik shares his experience from OnDeck on how to source, select and sell great employees. He explain how laying the groundwork for a systematic process of sourcing, acquiring, retaining, and cultivating talent leads to good hiring.

Lean startup is the new look on the development of innovative products, which emphasize fast iterations of product development that is based on the new insights to the wishes of customers. Find a detailed guide on the how's and the whys of lean ...

You get best results when you think all can win. Businesses are a positive sum game! 'Your job as an entrepreneur is to make 1+1 equal anything greater than 2

Insights are type of learning which we can leverage. We learn everyday but what we are looking for are the insights. Purpose of a product team is not to learn rather solve hard problems which help us solve customer problems and grow the business.

Changes you need to make to convert yourself from a consumer to creator. Start doing!

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Wisdom from Kunal Shah on the popular Ranveer Show about the future which lies ahead for India and how poeple can succeed.

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