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Resolutions suck! Shaan shares framework to save you from another year of broken promises.

Understand the signalling behaviour in adoption and monetization of software products. Signal disrtribution is increased when selling to the internet compared to physical product. Author explains this via multiple examples like Tinder and Fortnite.

Brilliant thread on First principles explaining why this thinking is a powerful mental model for driving non-linear outcomes.

Often you do great work but it gets faded (people forget) , so it's important to maintain a list of awesome work you do. Julia calls this 'brag document'. Learn how to write one and succeed in your career.

10 Rules of Life to live by. Read them with an open mind and you will be rewarded.

Book dispel myths about being creative and teaches you 10 different ways you can get more creative

What a read! See how Bill Gates answers common job interview questions. So concise and to the point!

Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something. Learn why being a lazy person can be good for you!

'Find a company which is growing little faster than you are'. This is all you need to read before making career decisions.

Framing is the process of breaking down a problem into a set of choices, trade offs, and options that enable a team to make a call and move forward. This piece explains techniques and benefits for framing the problem.

Shane discusses the Learning Loop, it's framework and how we can maximize what we learn from the information we consume online.

48 life lessons after 15+ years as an entreprenuer. You defintely need to write some down on your wall and instill these in your life.

Find how you want to contribute to the world. Learning without doing is just a waste. Remember, if you can do something which is useful for people - then you should!

You get best results when you think all can win. Businesses are a positive sum game! 'Your job as an entrepreneur is to make 1+1 equal anything greater than 2

Don't fear of making something lame. PG explains that people should start making and shipping. Don't hesitate in starting out on new ideas. Be optimistic and don't stop just by thinking your idea is bad.

Changes you need to make to convert yourself from a consumer to creator. Start doing!

Embrace the Suck, Do It in Public and Pick Stuff That Matters. The only thing preventing us from being awesome is our own fear of sucking.

The fastest way to learn, grow your career, and build your network. People may think you such, but teach whatever you learn everyday.

Nathan share ideas that can changw your life. Travel hacks, Never late to start, Stay consistent and build your audience.

When the best of two world's meet, you get an ocean of learnings and experiences.

13 thoughts from Sam about how to achieve earn money, create something important and get successful.

Wisdom from Kunal Shah on the popular Ranveer Show about the future which lies ahead for India and how poeple can succeed.

Say no to features for your product, decide what's important just don't go building stuff. Don't build because competitors are building it!

Morgan Housel explains reasons why people make bad decisions and repeat same mistakes.