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Habits like spending time with your customers andteam to reading and analysing product which will help you grow as a Product Manager

Premature Scaling, Using Untested Technology, Hiring the wrong engineer and problems with Product and Management. Deep dive into each specific problem and understand how to avoid it.

3 core jobs of a founder-CEO include prioritisation, hiring and fundraising in this order. The article explains each of this core job and how you can execute for a long-term success.

Lesson from Shreyas Doshi around a technique 'Start with principles' which he learned at Stripe

Framework on how to build a product that endures. What actually matters is not growth of users but growth of users who are actually completing core action. Steps: Growing engaged users -> Retaining users -> Self perpetuating

Everything you need to learn about pricing a product. Consider impact your product creates, will people pay a premium price? Do A/B testing with price! Consider international users and price accordingly.

Insights are type of learning which we can leverage. We learn everyday but what we are looking for are the insights. Purpose of a product team is not to learn rather solve hard problems which help us solve customer problems and grow the business.

Rahul Vohra talks about challenges he faced in building Superhuman and how the team found PM Fit. Asking users, segmenting and narrowing down to key takeways helped them make right decisions. Advice - 'Spend half your time doubling down on what users already love and the other half on addressing what’s holding others ...