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Networking is a key part in software engineer's life. This is a complete guide to understanding the basics of computer network with beautiful illustrations.

Awesome guide that will help you in understanding the basic of Kubernetes. This includes a visual flowchart for debugging your deployments.

A short, introductory guide for the Python programming language. Covers most of the stuff you will need to start with Python.

Zsh, also known as the Z shell, extends functionality of the Bourne Shell (sh), offering newer features and more support for plugins and themes. Read on to learn more about Zsh and some tips and tricks to optimize your development!

Henrique Vicente shares his mistakes and learnings from his 6 years of writing Golang.

Martin as always brilliantly explains why Monolith approach works for most until to reach a decent scale. Start with monolith, later break into microservices as you grow.

Justin shares how he built a substack like clone with features like authentication, subscription management, CMS and sending emails.

48 life lessons after 15+ years as an entreprenuer. You defintely need to write some down on your wall and instill these in your life.

Mental model around how are desires remain same but ways of achieving it changes. People love to switch if they find a better way to fulfill their desires.

Learn what are SLO and SLIs and how to define them accurately. This covers SDK, Uptime monitors and State based monitors and how to identify uptime with them.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing resources as a service. Learn about the history, models and use-cases of cloud computing.

Deep dive into the world of websockets! The article covers building a real time chat application with Node.js and vanilla javascript.

Kafka as a store? Yes, kafka is much more than simple message queues. It's scalable, stores a persistent log that can be re-read and allows stream processing. Queries is where DB's do better, but kafka is well designed to be used as a store. The article covers this in ...

Being a developer can be exhausting. This article covers lots of ways you can manage, overcome, and avoid burnout. Setting time schedule, routine and boundaries in work. Exercise, take vacations and make time for yourself.

API is a bunch of code that takes an input and gives you an output. This article explains the basics with beautiful illustrations. Even if you are not a tech person, you'll understand the most parts.

Complete guide on working with files in Golang. Includes reading,writing, archiving and compressing files.

TTI is one of the metrics for measuring page load speeds. Measuring TTI is important because some sites optimize content visibility at the expense of interactivity.

Clean code tips that will dramatically improve your engineering team’s productivity. Testing, naming, SRP and avoiding side effects

The basic architecture concepts I wish I knew when I was getting started as a web developer.

Git hooks are scripts that run automatically every time a particular event occurs in a Git repository.

Set of programming exercises and rules that help you write better Oriented Object code.

Learn about ADRs - when to use it, the process and benefits which come with it.