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Learn the different stages in the Search funnel, how they work, what are the crucial decisions to make in these stages and how to design for it.

Learn history of Product Hunt and how Ryan build a platform that helps in growth of thousands of startups every day.

How dunzo identified the problem and solved the order tracking problem backed by some brilliant user research.

Learn How to Build a Crypto Company with video tutorials from a16z

What took so long for audio to follow the same path as text, images, and video?

Entrepreneurship is challenging and is definitely not for everyone. Karthik shares his learnings from being an entrepreneur.

Venture raise is not the only way to build a company, learn traits of successfully bootstrapping.

Browse the World’s biggest curated list from top Founders.

Fundraising is one of the most challenging parts of being a Founder. NFX shares their playbooks for fundraising. If you are a budding founder and looking for fundraising - this is a must read!

Chamath Palihapitiya sits down with Shane Parrish to chat about what it means to be an observer of the present, how to think in first principles, the psychology of successful investing, his thoughts on the best public company CEO’s and much more.

Your landing page is your sales pitch. Never forget this. Learn how to build one to increase sales. Also, subscribe to this newsletter!

Sahil shares his journey at Gumroad and how he works with just 25 folks and manages Gumroad. Mind you - No Full time employee! He define Gumroad as company of creators for creators.

Fundraising is an exercise in building trust. This guide explains how to approach fundraising by breaking it into 4 steps - Preparation,Outreach Navigating the process and Partner meetings + closing

Premature Scaling, Using Untested Technology, Hiring the wrong engineer and problems with Product and Management. Deep dive into each specific problem and understand how to avoid it.

3 core jobs of a founder-CEO include prioritisation, hiring and fundraising in this order. The article explains each of this core job and how you can execute for a long-term success.

At the time of their IPO, only 19% of their revenue was spent on sales and marketing. Learn how atlassian built this by investing heavily into a different distribution model: a high-velocity, bottom-up distribution machine.

Framing is the process of breaking down a problem into a set of choices, trade offs, and options that enable a team to make a call and move forward. This piece explains techniques and benefits for framing the problem.

Beautfiul inspiration handbook by marketing examples showcasing best brand tweets grouped into categories.

Erik shares his experience from OnDeck on how to source, select and sell great employees. He explain how laying the groundwork for a systematic process of sourcing, acquiring, retaining, and cultivating talent leads to good hiring.

Lean startup is the new look on the development of innovative products, which emphasize fast iterations of product development that is based on the new insights to the wishes of customers. Find a detailed guide on the how's and the whys of lean ...

Lessons from working at a tech giant like Shopify - Building connections | Understanding business | Compressed learnings

Mark shares his learnings on why it is important to treat your employees well. Loyalty is a two-way street! This is the way to ensure two-way success.

Framework on how to build a product that endures. What actually matters is not growth of users but growth of users who are actually completing core action. Steps: Growing engaged users -> Retaining users -> Self perpetuating

Don't fear of making something lame. PG explains that people should start making and shipping. Don't hesitate in starting out on new ideas. Be optimistic and don't stop just by thinking your idea is bad.

Collection of all the basics to get your startup setup for scaling with better recruting. When to hire? Budgets, Job descriptions, structuring interviews and lot more.

Profit sharing is a short-term incentive which is about capital allocation. Give employees a percentage of profits.

Rahul Vohra talks about challenges he faced in building Superhuman and how the team found PM Fit. Asking users, segmenting and narrowing down to key takeways helped them make right decisions. Advice - 'Spend half your time doubling down on what users already love and the other half on addressing what’s holding others ...

Roadmaps bring uncertainity, guilt and expectations. An option is something you can do but don’t have to do!

When the best of two world's meet, you get an ocean of learnings and experiences.

13 things from paul graham for anyone looking to build startups.

You are ideating and building products, but not sure how to find the right co-founder? This article from Venture Hacks explains how to go about it!