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Social media has become an unrivaled means of marketing all over the world. Learn crucial tips for building brand identity via social networking services and also keeping it on top.

Learn how flipkart do content generation and creates query based on intent They use concept of co-clicked products which leads to a relatedness score along with deduplication and spell correction.

Scaling is a collection of practices unique and intimate to every organisation, and is the product of an infinite number of variables. Learn tech lessons from Kailash on how the team manages scale at Zerodha.

Learn how does swiggy manages it's availability to its customers based on multiple parameters. Learn the journey from pre-order to post-order phase and how swiggy efficiently manages it.

The article lists some examples of how you can be a sponsor without any management responsibilities both inside of your organization and outside of it.

A scheduling tool both the sender and the recipient will love. Personalization and customization for your meetings

Most straight-forward way to find a mentor is to identify someone you: 1) Have been following (on Twitter or LinkedIn) and love their thoughts 2) Admire and respect for the work they’ve done. 3) Know has done some (if not all) of the things you want to be ...

DALL·E creates images from text captions for a wide range of concepts expressible in natural language.

Feedback is providing people with positive reinforcement along the way for what they are doing well, as well as providing clarity around opportunities for development.It is the crucial ingredient for accelerating growth.

List of personal engineering axioms – things that, over the years, I've come to think of as generally true and useful to have in mind when writing code, building things, and working with others.

1:1s are a vital component of any successful employee-manager relationship. Here are some tips on running useful meeting. Bonus: There is a coda template for you to get started!

'Find a company which is growing little faster than you are'. This is all you need to read before making career decisions.

Article explains about founder market fit and what do investors look out for! Why you are the right founders to solve this problem? Go read this if you are a budding founder!

In depth guide on why culture plays an important role and how to build the right culture. This is a brilliant resource from Hubspot and place to learn for startups.

Learn why Negotiation matters! Practical advice from patio11 on how to act when discussing salary. How to dodge questions and use right tricks to grab that extra $5000. Few steps - Keep negotiation in mind before you apply for the job and never give a ...

Software engineering is hard. It takes time and effort. Some useful advice on not overdoing it and ruining your peace.

Complete guide on how Network Address Translators work and connect your devices directly to each other.

Code readablity is highly important in software engineering. Learn the principles to write readable code.

Why and when to say positive words about someone who is doing good. Always? No! Ask them first.

Set of programming exercises and rules that help you write better Oriented Object code.

Lessons from a senior dev around writing code, design, testing, deploying and monitoring.