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Meta Tags is a tool to debug and generate meta tag code for any website

High amount of time is spend on browsers exploring internet. Check these amazing extensions for productive web design and development

Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend

Database optimization has become crucial to web developers for improving the performance of web applications and thus bettering user experience.

All you need to know to get started with Tailwind CSS. It's pretty amazing and you'll love the developer experience.

Open source growing collection of layout blocks and components built with Tailwind CSS

Track your website mentions in real-time

step-by-step guide to embedding social media and related content onto your website from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Calendar, YouTube, and SlideShare

Quick customizable icons for your projects. You can customize and download icons in svg, jsx and even get React component for each.

A whiteboard collaboration platform which redefines your work and helps you collaborate, express, convey, and influence better at work.

Sample text attempts to visually demonstrate how readable this color combination is, for normal, italic, bold, or bold italic text of various sizes and font styles.

Deep dive into the world of websockets! The article covers building a real time chat application with Node.js and vanilla javascript.

Comprehensive overview of how to approach learning React without getting distracted

Design beautiful patterns from endless variations. Useful for presentations, social media posts and customizing products.

Tricks which a lot of frontend developers don't know about. To do with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

TTI is one of the metrics for measuring page load speeds. Measuring TTI is important because some sites optimize content visibility at the expense of interactivity.

The Best Landing Page Design Inspiration, Templates, Resources and More.

Best Picture Colorizer that Add Color to Your Black and White Old Pictures.

The basic architecture concepts I wish I knew when I was getting started as a web developer.

Confidently Ship Well-Architected Production Ready React Apps Like a Pro!

Do you love those sites with Dark mode toggles? CSS tricks covers everything you need to learn about adding dark mode to your projects.